The Secret life of George

With a careful touch, George set the string of mini-black holes and other bombs against the towering building.

“Are you guys ready?” George asked watching Shade and Arlyn run to their bikes, getting ready to get on and ride.

“Yes,” Arlyn yelled putting his helmet on looking over to shade who had already left. George got out his favorite lighter, a 1988 Bomber lighter, and he set fire to the string connecting to the bombs.

“Run!” George yelled. George jumped on his bike speeding past Arlyn and Shade getting the heck out of there. “George slow down, you are making me look bad,” Shade said as she tried to catch up to George.

60, “We need to hurry up we don’t have much time to get out of here,” Arlyn yelled.

50, 48, 46, 44, 42, “Shade we need to go faster or we’ll get caught in the explosion. I want to be far enough to see the explosion, but I don’t want to get hurt by it!” George yelled watching the time slowly go down.

36, 34, 32, “We’re here, now time to watch the beautiful explosion,” Shade said to George punching him in the arm for being so worried.

“What is with you George? You aren’t usually this worried about your life, is there something wrong?” Arlyn said while walking around George who was covered in sweat from the mile bike ride.

“Nothing is wrong; I just really want to see this. I bought extra explosives from the shop for this one, it’s going to be great” George said.

All three of them turned to the window to see the explosions in effect. The towering white building was no more. George smiled at the destruction. The windows, well, what was left of them, were shattered and laying on the ground. The rest of the building was caught in a display of different colored flames. The first floor of the building is covered in a thick green flame showering their contagious flames onto all of the other buildings. The second and third layer of the building is covered in the most beautiful blinding white flame. The top of the building is covered in a usual orange, boring old orange.

“Now that is a site to behold,” George said with his eyes full of a blood lust for destruction.

The flames are destroying the building like a child licking an ice cream cone. Within minutes, the flames were gone along with the building, the pure white building. “Come on, I have one more for us to get rid of,” Shade said.

“Okay,” said Arlyn as he slowly walks away from his favorite site to behold.

“Just one moment,” George said, “Let’s wait for the police to come before we leave.”

“You can stay, but the rest of us are leaving.” Shade said grabbing Arlyn by the arm forcing him to come with her.

“Okay, I won’t be long,” George said. He always loved watching the tortured expression of the police not knowing who did this.


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