Blinding Death

Jack ran across the room in the dark, the only way he could run through the room. The Dark, supposedly full of scary monsters and people, filled Jack with warmth and comfort. “Where are you?” A mysterious woman yelled at Jack.

Jack ran to the wall of the room watching the woman walk around the room in an almost blood-red dress and high heels. She has a gun at her side and a pair of handcuffs connected to the belt around her waist. He watches her walk around the room confidently through the blinding darkness of the night. “This is the only time I can get out of the room,” Jack whispers to himself, trying to convince himself that he is going to escape unscathed.

“I heard that, it is not smart to give away your hiding space so easily.” She said with a grin on her face.

“Crap,” Jack whispered as he ran into the other room as quietly as he could.

“I know you here, come out of the dark and make this experience easier for the both of us. You can’t hide forever; the sun will come out of hiding eventually. You will be dealt with today, just how long until it happens is up to you.” The woman said in a calm and persuasive voice.

Jack realized his biggest mistake and he stopped moving frozen with fear when he realized that he place himself in a room with a window. The bright moon light gave him away to the woman. “There you are, hold still dear this shouldn’t take long.” She said to him pulling out her gun.

Bang! She shot Jack with her gun then turned around and left him to die. Light, a blinding white light, along with a loud ringing was all Jack could see and hear. Jack has never liked the Sun, with its blinding lights showing everyone where he is hiding. It has always been his biggest fear. The sun, supposedly the most wonderful thing, bring sight to everyone who is in its presence scared him. When he looks up at the sun, it blinds him for a while. The dark never blinded him, it was easy for him to adapt to. The darkness gave him comfort and a place to hide from everything that was after him. The Sun gives everyone the ability to kill him easily. The moon is even worse than the sun, its steals it light and projects it in the night.

Jack laying frozen in a puddle of his own blood, while his mind moved miles. “I am going to die. Here now and I can’t do anything about it.” With his last move, he looked up to see the bright light of the sun.


One thought on “Blinding Death”

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    of clever work and coverage! Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.


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