All Alone

“Where am I?” Dominic asked looking around the room.

This mysterious room, absolutely dark except for a single light hanging overhead, contained no windows in sight. There was only one door in the entire room. Dominic walked around the room, looking for the door. He walked around the dark room, feeling his way around the smooth soft wallpaper, hoping for a way out of here.

“Where is the Door?” Dominic said in a whisper, scared for his own existence. After a ‘century’ of time passed, Dominic finally found the cool metal door. Feeling around the door he looked for a lock, a way to escape this place.

“What if I get electrocuted when I touch the door?” Dominic asked himself in a whisper of voice, trying not to be heard by anyone that may be nearby. Dominic hesitantly put his shaking hands of the door, feeling for a door knob that will allow him to escape the unusual nightmare.

“Ah, I found it,” Dominic said as he finally found the wooden doorknob. He put his hand on the doorknob, knowing that he could very well die when he turns the door. Slowly, Dominic opened the door, listening to its creaking sound, scraping across the wooden floor. On the other side of the door was another empty room.

“What is this place?” Dominic said.  Realizing that he was alone, Dominic walked around the room freely and without an ounce of fear. The room was similar to before, except it was completely lit up from the fluorescent lights on the ceilings. The walls were painted yellow, a very light shade of yellow. The whole room looked abandoned, with the walls covered in gigantic spider webs. Dominic looked around the room for an exit, getting a little to excited to get out of this mysterious place.  Finally, Dominic found the door that was painted yellow to fit in with the rest of the room.

“A way out!” Dominic yelled in excitement as he ran to the door. Dominic slammed into the door, opened the doorknob and fell to his death. The door was the only escape from the whole building, and the place it led to was death. Dominic hit the gravel road with a splat as his blood created a splatter mark all over the ground. It looked as if someone had shot a paint gun on the ground leaving red paint as a mark of their presence. Dominic’s bones crunched under the force of gravity’s effect on his body.

With a smile, the Reaper laughed at the poor boy’s demise. With a quick swing of his scythe, the Grim Reaper stole the young boy’s soul, and disappeared into the dark night.


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