Just In Case … (Because “Hope” Was Too Cliche Of A Name)

Hey guys, Catty here. I know it’s not my post (or anyone’s post for that matter) but I was lonely and kind of bored, so I figured, hey, why not write a thing for the blog? Isn’t it silly that we’d almost rather a complete stranger read our personal thoughts instead of our family? Anyways, school been’s hitting me kind of hard and I’m having a really hard time focusing, but look! My love for writing has not been dulled in the least so have a really, really short story, just for you, my lovelies. 

You’ll find her there, lurking, every time you open the messaging tab on your laptop to anxiously check for a reply that isn’t there. She lingers there, her wings so torn and dusty, the iridescent sparkles slowly losing their glimmer as the dust motes float gently around her head like some sort of macabre snow. She purses her mouth every once in a while as she peers from the opposite side of somewhere as if checking for a sheen of lipstick that hasn’t touched her cracked and faded lips for a very long time. She runs her fingers gently through her dark, knotted hair that might be beautiful given a hot shower and some proper shampoo.

[Hi] pops up on the messaging screen, a little gray blip among the other messages sent that never received a reply. She springs up for a moment, standing perfectly still before her wings give a thrilled flutter. She straightens, patting her hair, her clothes, generally trying to make herself look more acceptable as her heart beats faster and something beautiful is blooming within her as she tries to contain her excitement, and her tiny hands find the right letters on the keyboard to tap out,


[How’re you?] Comes a reply.

[Good! And you?] She taps back, biting her lip as she watches anxiously for the next message. Minutes pass. Hours pass. She sits in waiting, her wings spread and her eyes searching the screen over and over again, staring at the same few words as if she make him say something through sheer willpower. Finally, she gives up. She droops slightly, feeling the happiness ebb out of her like an ocean taking back the tide, dragging the sand from the beach back into the waters that gave it life before she curls back into her old position of watchfulness, a dull glimmer in the shadows, never really expecting to come to life but always in a state of readiness, just in case ….


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Hey! Kalsooni Allskye here, sometimes known as Cattydragon. To introduce myself ... I'm generally a very sarcastic person prone to sudden musings in the middle of dull conversations as well as that mad dash for some paper and pen when a sudden idea hits. I enjoy a great deal of music and reading, but I don't so much enjoy social outing. So there you go! A bit 'bout me.

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