Drunken Nights

This story is in the form of a script that I came up with some friends.

Rose and Storm just got married

Marco and Hope and a couple

Arlyn and Mari are a couple

Maia and Beth are forever alone

Rose: Storm! Where did the Crank go?

Storm: I don’t know where Maia and Beth hid it

Maia and Beth laughs as they destroy all of Rose’s Crank

Rose: Mari get us some more Crank

Mari and Arlyn are drink Crank next to each other

Mari: OOOOOOkaaaaayyyyyyyy

Mari walks over to Rose, stumbling over the air. 

Mari: Heeeerrrrrreeeee yooooou gooooooooo

Mari stumbles back to Arlyn, and Arlyn stands up and Catches her before she falls.

Arlyn: Mari, I think that you had too much to drink

Mari: Noooooo I diddddnnn’ttttt

Arlyn laughs before sitting Mari down, grabbing a pillow for her to law down on

Arlyn: Mari, you need to go to sleep.

Mari: Okay……

Mari lays down and passes out drunk

Where Hope and Marco and Hanging out at

Hope: Marco, quit drinking or you’ll pass out

Marco: I’m not even drunk, I don’t even think I can get drunk

Hope sighs

Hope: We need to go check on the newly-weds

Marco: They’re fine, we don’t need to check up on them

Hope: Nope we are going right now!

Hope stands up and grabs Marco and forces him to follow her down the hall

Rose: This isin’t very good Crank Mari

Storm: Shhhhh, Mari is asleep over there Rose

Rose: Well , can you get me some better Crank Storm?

Rose hugs Storm tightly, kissing him on the cheek. Storm starts to blush.

Storm: Okay, but we shouldn’t stay up to much longer

Hope: Storm, Rose, how are you guys?

Storm: We just saw you guys 30 minuits ago….

Marco: Hope, I told you that we didn’t need to see how they were doing

Rose: Hope, can you and Storm get me some more Crank?

Hope: I just told Marco that he couldn’t have anymore Crank

Marco walks over to the couch and passes out Drunk. By the couch, Arlyn and Mari are asleep

Hope: See Rose, I am sure you had enough, but since you want some more here

Hope hands Rose some Crank to drink. Storm sits down on the Chair slowly falling asleep

Rose: Thanks Hope!

Hope: No problem

About 5 minuits later

Rose: Yawwwnnnnn, I am tired

Rose walks over to Storm and falls asleep on the Chair next to him

Hope: Wow, everyone is passed out. I guess I should find somewhere to sleep

Hope seees Marco on the couch and goes to him. Hope takes a blanket and puts it over him and she lays down next to him and falls asleep.


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