An Euphoric Death

He reached under his bed and pulled out the wooden box with practiced ease, the hinges creaking slightly as he opened the box. He pulled out the white strip of gauze and wound it around his arm, clenching his teeth as he tied it off with a jerking motion. His fingers scrabbled around the bottom of the box for a brief moment until they curled gently around the syringe. He raised it up to the light, tapping it with his fingernail, the bright blue liquid inside waving gently with the motion. He set the tip against his skin before pausing for a brief moment. It was his first time using joy, a much more concentrated composition than he was used to. His dealer told him the effects were much more powerful than happy and that the steeper price was well worth it. Time to find out.

He sauntered around the empty boulevard, high as a kite, spectating the silent tiptoes of the rats. Oddly enough, he found sudden interest in the carnivorous nature of those tiny beasts. Their pink noses pressed against the bloody remains of some poor creature, half-starved, that had wandered into their midst and died there. He became happy whenever he watched the swarm of those little monsters scurrying around their ghostly homes.

He always loved being happy, but that’s all it was, happiness. But for some odd reason, his happiness was becoming boring. He began to realize that this Amazing feeling didn’t effect like it used to, the rush running through his veins. After coming to this disappointing realization, he decided to contact his provider for something stronger.

He watched as the blood liquid slowly drained into his body, the vigorous sensation of joy immediately encased him. His eyes glossed over from the feeling of joy. Was this worth it? He decided that would have to find out. He left his condensed and incommodious room, and went to his boulevard with his favorite little things. He smiled constantly knowing that this was nothing like happy, no it was more euphoric than that. The constant rush was brand new and intense. He decided to sit down next to the rats, reaching out to touch their little tails. Smiling was all he could do; he couldn’t talk without ruining this moment. Those little beasts didn’t like being touched, and started biting at him. Their fangs clenching the flesh and ripping it off of him. His blood gushed everywhere, spilling all over the desolate and dark cement; But he was enjoying it, he felt joy in the bites, but not ever any pain. Slowly, he laid down on the ground and closed his eyes. His provider was right, joy brought peace and happiness, unlike that of happy.

In the five minutes, he was gone; all that was left of him was his skeleton, which the rats were already consuming.


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