Me, You, and All The Stars in the Great Vast Sky

Good evening lovely readers!

Arlyn and I would like to thank you all for your continued support. This blog is certainly one of the things that encourages me to continue writing and of course, writing is therapeutic for me, so BENEFITS FOR EVERYONE! I’ve been writing this on and off all day so I thought you guys might enjoy it. Feel free to let me know what you think. 

Also, just as a brief reminder, we allow you guys to request stories if you want. Send us character sketches, we’ll use them. Send us plots, we’ll write them. We only request you don’t submit anything NSFW. Onward and upward! Enjoy today’s post. 

Seren brushed her hair back, leaning into the mirror to peer at her flat, gray-tinged eyes. She felt the vaguest hints of something unpleasant stirring within her and she twisted away from the reflective glass with an explosive movement.

“Azen?” She called softly, searching for her bond. He paced into the small room, his fur mussed as he glanced at her with his peculiarly tinted irises.

“What?” He said somewhat irritated at being disturbed from his nap.

“It’s time to go,” she said, her voice without inflection. She could fake those dips and rises that humans were so fond of in their speech, but when it was just her and Azen, there’s wasn’t really a point. Azen sighed, shaking so his fur flattened out.

“I know you’re supposed to observing,” he said in his low, gravelly voice. “But I don’t understand why we have to partake in this ridiculous customs. No one in their right mind is going to get up this early only to fall asleep in some uncomfortable wooden chair listening to an adult drone about things no one cares about.”

“Neither of us need sleep, Azen,” Seren chided in her same flat voice. “Besides, we might as well learn about where we are while we wait for our banishment to be lifted.” Her voice dipped uncharastically as the unpleasant feeling roared within her again.  Azen watched her, his eyes slitted.

“You’ve already begun to feel the effects,” he noted, a slight edge of worry intermixing with his words. Seren winced at his words, her muscles tightening as she gripped the table, the wood cutting into her palms.

“I’m fine,” she ground out, her mind racing to compensate for the rush of uneasiness that was sweeping through her. “This planet does strange things to my mind.” Azen sighed as he ran his paw over his tail, the soft fur a small comfort.

“Humans haven’t yet begun the process of restriction. They are fond of what they feel. Their planet changes the chemical balance in your brain, removing the restricting bonds placed there by our elders.” Aren recited this as if he was reading a page from a textbook, but he hesitated, stumbling over his next words. “The same chemical imbalance will remove our bond.” He said finally, staring at the ground between his paws even as his ears pressed flat against his head. Seren said nothing and the silence dragged on, a tangible pain in its own right.

“That can’t be right,” Seren said finally, her voice catching. “We’ll find a way to stop it, there has to be something,”

“Hush.” Azen snapped, cutting her off. She flinched at the harshness in his voice. “There is no way to stop it,” he said, angrily. “There is no way to escape the effects of this cursed planet. You’ll become like them, and I’ll eventually lose the ability to speak and be nothing more than a- a pet.” He snapped, his fur flaring and his eyes sparking dangerously. Seren turned away, trying to hide the tears that gathered in her eyes. It wasn’t proper for her kind to cry. That conversation was never mentioned again.

Weeks passed as spring turned to summer. Seren made it through school, learning quickly to emulate those around her, passing as human. Nights were spent studying with Azen, watching the stars, and missing home.

“Don’t worry, Azen,” Seren would say confidently every night, her eyes alight with the galaxy above them. “Mom and Dad are figuring out how to convince the Elders to take us back as we speak and we’ll be home soon.” Azen didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth.

Then he swept into her life. A stereotypical romance, one that lit up the human emotions that had begun to make their way through her calculating mind, one that swept her thoughts away. Azen watched, cowering in the dark corners of the house while they watched the stars together, while Seren fell in love, while they kissed in the moonlight and their souls sparked anew. He watched with the sort of caution that one might watch a predatory animal.

“Azen,” Seren said softly, her voice cracking as she held back tears. “Aren, it’s been two days since he texted me.” Azen said nothing, twitching his tail. Though his eyes had lost none of their luminous qualities, he was finding it harder and harder to form the words that used to come so naturally to him. “What did I do wrong?” Seren asked quietly, staring down at her phone, her shaking hands, the folds in the blanket that belonged to him- her heart beating frantically as the hurt swelled and ebbed in her, like the tide. “It hurts…”

She stood abruptly. Azen meowed in surprise, his fur standing on end. Seren paid him no attention, instead stalking over to her closet, changing her clothes with an unusually ferocious energy. She grabbed her phone and a pair of headphones, cranking her music as loud as it would go. With a fierce drum-beat drowning out any thoughts in her head, she hit the pavement, running as long as her body would let her. Hours upon hours, with nothing but the steady thrum of music, the rhythmic pounding of her feet on the cement, and the glare of the cold, cold moon to keep her company. She ran through the night, retching and sweating, until she collapsed on her doorstep, too exhausted to unlock the door. She breathed hard, her lungs burning. When she had gathered sufficient energy, she unlocked her door, slowly peeling off her sweat-soaked clothes.

“No more, Azen,” she said quietly, her voice raspy. “We weren’t designed to feel emotions. They aren’t right.”

“Seren,” Azen breathed quietly, his mouth struggling to form the words he wanted to say.

“No.” Seren said sharply, cutting him off. “Why do people do this? Give someone hope, so much love and compassion that it takes their breath away? Why would someone give someone a chance, someone who thought they could never be loved, then just take that away?”

“Seren,” Azen murmured, his tail twitching. “There is no place for us anymore. Not home. We have to learn to make do here.”

“I refuse.” Seren said simply, her hands resting on her hips. “I refuse to live for a moment longer on this miserable planet, I refuse to hurt any longer. I refuse,” her voice cracked and she swallowed hard. “If you don’t know how to get us home, I’ll find a way.”

“There is no way home,” Azen said sadly before lapsing back into silence, his energy spent. Seren watched his retreating form with sadness blossoming in her eyes.

“There is always a way.” Seren said quietly, to the galaxy she knew lingered above her. “There is always a path home.”


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