As I Am

Greetings dearest readers. You have my deepest apologies for my lack of posts recently. School coupled with various other situations (woo-hoo emotions; such distracting little buggers) have caused a bit of a back-log in my rapidly growing to-do list. I hope you enjoy this piece, I’m experimenting a bit with more emotion orientated pieces since I feel like a great deal of my writing lacks that beautiful subtle touch with emotions that really pack a punch. 

Just a reminder, if you have a story or poetry piece that you would love to see written by us, drop us a line in our “Contact Us” section, we’d be more than happy to oblige. Please don’t ask us to do your school assignments for you (for those of you who may be going through school) and we don’t do anything NSFW. 

Time drags on so slowly,

Every minute turns to hours, every hour turns to days, every day turns to years,

And I am left waiting.

The clock is such an agony, each eternity between the seconds echoed only by the

Monotonous drumbeat of my heart as it mourns-

Mourns the missing piece and it no longer feels completion,

It cries and sobs and shakes and my ribs can barely contain the swell and ebb of pain.

But still I move on,

Like an automaton,

Soulless and lost, wandering in some misty realm in the cracks in my fragile mind-

That radiate from the entry wound and the bullet lingers still.

It’s some sort of limbo that we exist in now.

I can’t sleep at night because even in my dreams, you roam freely,

But you whisper to me sweet nothings that you haven’t said to me in weeks,

And you touch my cheek in a tender way that you’ve never touched me before-

When we finally meet again in the waking world,

I tear myself away from the gravitational pull of your eyes,

Knowing you’ll never look at me the way I wish you would.

But your touch lingers on my skin,

And I still remember-


Every moment,

And remembering hurts but I relish the pain,

But it aches even more with the thought

Of never reconciling,

So all that I will have left are vague memories

And the pressing question of why-

Or, was I not good enough?

But every minute drags on, every hour turns to days, every day turns to years,

And I am left waiting in the dark,  

Waiting for you to come and save me,

But drowning in the harsh realization that you might never




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Hey! Kalsooni Allskye here, sometimes known as Cattydragon. To introduce myself ... I'm generally a very sarcastic person prone to sudden musings in the middle of dull conversations as well as that mad dash for some paper and pen when a sudden idea hits. I enjoy a great deal of music and reading, but I don't so much enjoy social outing. So there you go! A bit 'bout me.

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