This is How I Would Say Goodbye if You Would Just Give Me the Chance

Good evening dearest readers 

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, life has been busy for me (but then again, isn’t it always?) I thank all of the faithful readers who come back time and time again despite our erratic posting schedule and all the new readers for giving us a little piece of their day! 

Life has also been rather … stressful, per say, especially as of late; hence the angsty poetry. If this isn’t really your thing- so sorry. A real short story is coming soon, there’s one currently in progress! 

I can feel you forgetting me,

As if forgetting is some sort of tangible thing-

Like the surgical removal of a heart, still beating,

And bloody.

You keep running from me, pouring salt over the wound

Every time you force me into nonexistence

As your gaze settles anywhere but on me.


Love, we had it so good,

You and me, me and you,

The both of us – two traitors against the rest of the world.


What a funny word to use.

Because that’s what we are, isn’t it, dearest?

We knew this was coming, we were braced for the fall,

What happened to my steady resolve-

To play your game and come out on top?

I was afraid to fall for you,

You promised you would catch me.

Funny story here:

You lied.

But still, you haven’t said goodbye,

Slowly stringing me along.

And even though it hurts, aches, it burns,

I let you.

I let you and I wait,

Like a dog waiting for his master to come home,

Undying devotion-



I’m naive, so what?

Being naive in a vicious world is a precious thing-

But it’s killing me.

So many things I wish I could say to you,

So many words I don’t want left unsaid-

But this-

This is how I would say goodbye if you would just give me the chance.



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Hey! Kalsooni Allskye here, sometimes known as Cattydragon. To introduce myself ... I'm generally a very sarcastic person prone to sudden musings in the middle of dull conversations as well as that mad dash for some paper and pen when a sudden idea hits. I enjoy a great deal of music and reading, but I don't so much enjoy social outing. So there you go! A bit 'bout me.

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