What’s going on?

Man it’s been a while hasn’t it? Long time no see, how are you all? I hope you enjoy the story!

Click. The quiet sound of a lock engaging, the panicked breathing of the person trapped inside. One. A flash, a flare – a matchhead blazing to life in the near darkness of the adjacent hallway, gagging on the thick scent of gasoline. Two. The faint frantic scrabbling of a man wrestling with a door handle that he knows isn’t going to open no matter how hard he tugs at it, but is trying nonetheless, some instinct deep inside him urging survive, survive …

Crack. The wooden door shattered like glass as the man slammed with his life into it. Stomp. The man ran through the building, watching everything burn around him as he scurried through the maze. He could feel the sweat dropping off his brow, the heat surrounding his helpless figure. Whoosh. The man tackled the door, exiting his burned past. Drip. The man feels the rain falling, covering him in relief. The man ran through the empty streets away from the fire. “Why is it so hot out?”

Crack. The man sees a wooden door burning, cracking to the beat of his footsteps before it disappears. “What was that?”.

Drip. Another drop of sweat falls from his dry face. He runs into the middle of the city, watching the lifelessness of the streets. “Where is everyone at, it’s the middle of the day!”

Whoosh. The man can see himself surrounded by flames again for a brief moment, but it disappears again. The man shakes his head, thinking something of it, but not knowing what. Crack. The man is startled by the sound of wood breaking, cracking, the same sound he can’t stop hearing. Its haunting voice tracking him down like a hunter, following his every step. “What is going on!” he asked to himself in a highly-concerned voice.

Stomp. The man hears the sound of boots walking near. He turns around and see’s a woman. The woman, long black hair, stone cold black eyes, dressed in a suit looked back at him. “Where is everyone?” The man asked.

“Come here and I’ll tell you.” The woman responded, enunciating every word she said in such a similar way.

Whoosh. The man walked over to the woman, and was pushed backwards. “What’s going on, what is this!” the man exclaimed.

All the man could see was darkness, he kept on falling and falling. Burnt. The man saw light, a bright orange light, and he reached for the light. “Hot?” was the last thing he said.

Boom. The room went off with an explosion, the man stuck in the room. Death. He thought that he survived, but oh, how wrong one can be!

“We found a man dead in a building.” The officer said, “All that’s left is his skeleton”.


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