What Of Us?

All this one is is some brain puke. Not my favorite piece by any stretch of the imagination.

They are two steps ahead, gaining speed, notoriety, experience, skills.

They take the lead, pull ahead, run the race like it’s supposed to be run.

They achieve so much, loose so little, or so it seems.

They are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the one in a million.

But why are there so many?

Everywhere I look, they’re there,

Reaching a new level,

Moving past insurmountable obstacles.

Things we struggle to overcome.

And we are left behind.

So what of us?

The average, the norm?

We who wish to take it in stride,

To enjoy our time,

Our youth?

What of us?

The jack of all trades, who loves none?

The master of the penniless trade,

Who wishes nothing more than to love their work?

What of us?

The strange, the obscure?

The diligent worker who can never quite reach the bar?

Those who work a little harder, with no results?

What of us?


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Just a writer looking for words.

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