Jon and the Meaning of Death (#1)

A greeting to any and all who may perhaps be reading this. If you aren’t reading this, then no greeting for you. Okay? Okay.

You are probably wondering what this “Jon and the Meaning of Death” thing is, and you have probably simply assumed that I will tell you.
An assumption which will very soon prove correct. Unless you read ahead. If this is the case, then don’t. Jon and the Meaning of Death is a comic strip that is drawn by me. It features a man named Jon, and his adventures in… wherever he ends up after he dies.




And so it begins! Yes I realize Jon’s torso is way too long in the first panel. Believe me, it looked a lot worse when I first drew it. I plan to put a subtle reference in every strip. Except this one. Because there’s not much place to fit one in here.
By the way, Jon’s shirt says “NOW YOU CAN!” on it. It is based on an actual shirt. However, that shirt has it’s slogan written in what looks a bit like arial, while Jon’s is written in a font called VT323.
Reference obscurity: N/A


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