Jon and the Meaning of Death (#2)

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The personification of Death. Since on average, 1.75 people die per second, if there was only one Death he would have only slightly more than half a second to collect each soul. With no breaks or pauses. Therefore specializing Deaths actually makes more sense than not.
This same logic also applies to Santa. Santa of wooden quadrupedal animals. Santa of miniature vehicles (assembly required). Santa of plastic toy weapons manufactured north of Beijing.
Interesting how such a ‘ridiculous’ idea makes more sense than the established legend. Or tradition. Or whatever the personification of Death is.

Reference obscurity: 7/10 (average, there are multiple)

(Also, you are in no way obligated to read this text I put after the strips. They are in no way necessary to understanding the story, although in some cases they may define things that may seem obscure or hard to understand.
TL;DR: if you don’t want to read this text, just skip it)


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