Jon and the Meaning of Death (#4)

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Death Under Ambiguous Circumstances doesn’t appear to be carrying his… implement… in this strip. Maybe it disappears when he walks. Floats. Moves.
Speaking of which, what is that thing for, anyway? Hmmmm.
When writing this strip, I could have sworn that Death carried a sickle. But nope. It’s a scythe. Apparently the scythe and the sickle are somewhat similar though; a scythe is a moderately curved blade on a long stick, whereas the sickle is a tightly curved blade (almost a large hook) with a simple stick handle like on a trowel or a knife. They are both used to harvest grain or to cut grass. The scythe is used standing up, swinging it from side to side, whereas the sickle is used leaning over and cutting by hooking the grasses and pulling. Interestingly enough, both have been used in warfare by peasants or poor people who couldn’t buy or didn’t have access to ‘normal’ weapons like swords. Entire regiments of ‘scythemen’ have been formed. So really, Temporary Death’s use of a scythe is quite valid.
The reference in this strip isn’t as subtle as the other ones. But it’s still there.
Reference obscurity: 3/10


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