Jon and the Meaning of Death (#5)


[aside: I haven’t posted a strip here for some time. Therefore I will post a couple here today. Just sayin’]
This strip was an experiment in using the stylus on my new laptop. So if it looks a bit strange (for example, the “NOW YOU CAN” on Jon’s shirt is in my own handwriting, not VT323), that’s why.
Of course whether Han shot before or after Greedo is still a debate. One that I am not going to resolve just yet. At least not ‘on-screen’.
Traditionally, ships’ wheels (or more properly, but slightly more ambiguously, a ‘ship’s helm’) actually have eight spokes, but occasionally you will see wheels with six (as shown here), or even as many as twelve. One of the handles will often have notches or ridges carved into it so that a helmsman can (at night or in the day) tell where the rudder is: when the ridged spoke is pointing up, you’re steering straight. This spoke came to be known as the ‘king’s spoke’ for some reason. The wheel pictured does not have a ‘king’s spoke’ on it. Either that or the notches are on the other side of the wheel than the one shown.
We all know who Blackbeard is. And there is also a pirate known as Redbeard, after whom was named a class of Turkish submarines and a character in Pirates of the Caribbean. Bluebeard is both a French folktale about a serial killer who murdered his sweethearts, and an actual French serial killer who murdered his sweethearts. Neither of which, of course, are this Bluebeard, since neither were pirates.
Oddly enough, “purplebeard” isn’t actually “plundered”, as Bluebeard put it, unless you count the purple-bearded bee-eater, a bird from Indonesia, or purplebeard, an IT company from Bulgaria.

Reference obscurity: 9/10




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