Under the Large Oak Tree

Wow it’s been a while, anyway Catty and I decided to write another Collab! We hope you enjoy the story as it’s been a while. 

I ran through the forest of purple tinted roses and could feel the thorns scraping my legs. I stumbled for a moment, flaring my wings in some last ditch attempt to maintain my balance as small droplets of blood ran slowly down my legs. My muscles screamed in pain, echoed cries of hours of constant and harried movements. I looked back at the yellow brick house behind me, finally getting away from the overbearing control of those watching over me.

“Run, run little bird. You won’t find any sanctuary out there,” Sasha sneered, wrapping her arms around herself as she watched me run. I threw a glance over my shoulder, flinching away from her cold, cold eyes. “You’ll find that the world is far crueler than we have ever been.”

I smile, a false smile just something to hide the fact that she might be correct in her sayings. I continue running until I found the only tree, the large sap tree. Run straight for the tree, the note had read. Run straight for it and don’t hesitate. So I ran. A cool breeze passed over me and I blinked as the sunlight hit me, momentarily blinded. I tripped over the large roots used to sit on as a young one. I fell and saw a large, dark oak door set nearby.

“Well, well little bird, you found your way down the rabbit hole after all.” Sasha said, her hair slightly mussed and dirt staining patches onto her normally spotless jacket. “I didn’t have the benefit of a neat little passageway you did but,” she paused, spreading her hands and turning her face towards the sun with a self-satisfied smirk. “Here we are, little bird. Here we are.”

“Where am I?” I asked, curious of why there was even a passageway.

“You passed the test, little bird,” Sandra said with a smile. “I knew you could do it.”

“Test? What test? You’ve been testing me this whole time? Are you going to take me somewhere?” I asked.  

“Anyplace we would take you, you’re already here.” Sasha waved her hand the air around them blurred for a moment, settling into a bustling city-scape. “Anywhere you could possibly want to go right here. So where do you want to go, Little Bird? Anywhere where in the world.”

“Home,” she whispered, as she looked down. The world blurred around her as she kneeled to the ground. “I want to go home.” The world shattered after that, a thousand broken fragments cutting like glass and she heard an awful shrieking that she realized moments later were emerging from her already ragged throat.

Sandra smiled a twisted smile “Wrong answer, Little Bird, wrong answer.” Sandra walked out of the rabbit hole, leaving the girl behind.

He looked through the glass, resting his hand on its cold surface for a brief moment, his breath leaving foggy marks, marring his view before he turned away with a quiet sigh.

“How much longer?” he asked, glaring at the doctor. “How many more treatments, how many more drugs?”

“Sir, we are doing everything we can,” the doctor said in his wheedling, calm voice that he reserved only for difficult patients and distraught family members. “Treatment takes a while to balance correctly and I assure you that we are doing everything we-”

“Look at her!” he roared, cutting the doctor off. “Look at her. She’s not getting any better and you can’t get her to do anything else but curl up in a ball and cry.”

“Sir, I assure you-” he slammed a hand down on the nearby desk.

“You are doing nothing,” he hissed before stalking away.

“We are doing everything we can!” The doctor exclaimed, his face turning a dark red.

You aren’t doing enough!” he retorted, leaving the room in a rage.

He paced back and forth outside of Jade’s room “They say they’re doing everything they can, so why isn’t anything working!”

Her screaming echoed around the room and followed him all the way out the door. He shuddered as he stepped into the sunlight, the sun somehow feeling cold and foreign to him. Nothing I can do, he said to himself. Nothing I can do.

The shadows oozed behind the door, watching his hasty retreat to his car, satisfied.



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