The butterflies died

the long migration too much

for delicate hearts


These Unspoken Things

These unspoken things that linger

in those dead air spaces

between the words that are said and those

left lodged in throats

as broken stutters

those unspoken things

that will never see the light of day

I am enchanted

and undone

I am nothing and everything

my heart is ice and stone

but my eyes are stardust

my soul is magic

and it resonates with this


of a perfect chord struck

and despite the fact that the moment

is merely a moment

(that will never last for the duration

of anything more

than what it is)

I can still live there

in that quiet


where the magic fills the space

in-out of my lungs with heaving breaths

and quiet whispers

like the night sky

I will always admire you

but I will never

be able

to touch.

I Believe In Sacred Lies

I believe in sacred lies.

Those small truths clinging close to the heart

while tendons pulse and tongues bleed

from words bitten back.


Those sacred lies we tell ourselves

whispered at that warped two o’clock

when the world is silent and everything feels so right

and so wrong.




To Wake Up

words are coursing through blood, through bone

while the dark king sits on his bloody throne

and the lost souls writhe in hell and moan

when water trickles from a desert stone


there is a rhyme that echoes in siren’s cry

and the freedom that she cannot buy

the world spins on and the stars will die

to leave a black and bloody sky


runes carved deep and set in might

granting blind oracle bloody sight

the real monsters never stalk the night

but grin leering grins in burning light


a queen is trapped in bloody sleep

her knights afraid to take faith’s leap

knowing her heart was never hers to keep

an angel glad, her soul to reap


My Dearest, My Beautiful

For Grayson

My dearest

my thread sister

fellow witch, fellow warlock

partner in mischief

dear little cat,

why are you so troubled?

the stars watch your path

with a glitter of magic

echoing the star dust in your eyes

in your heart

let it fill you

until the sadness is magic

and the magic is you

and you are the night

and the night is the stars

and the stars are the universe

and the universe is the sadness

that fills you

and presses upon you

like the ocean

like the weight of the world on your shoulders

bear it with grace

as you always do

until the sadness is magic

and the magic is you

and the stars shine bright

in your eyes

From Me and My Inner Monologue

Don’t talk to me

Oh God, what am I doing?

Don’t talk to me until you

can look me in the eyes

and I see the same pain

that rages through my blood

I’m throwing it all away

stupid, stupid girl


you’re just insane

Don’t talk to me until

you’ve spent those eternity minutes

of quiet tears and

restrained hyperventilation

Stop being a drama-queen

You’re always so over dramatic

Nothing that is happening is wrong

except for you

you’re wrong


I don’t know what to do anymore

I love you

loved you –

I’m so torn apart

It’s an easy choice

to be

or not

to be

stop making it bigger than it is


I don’t know what to think



everything I think



is wrong

so wrong

Stop making up


Where have all the butterflies gone?

They were here

just a few eternities ago

but the flutter of their wings

has vanished from the music

and the magic is gray

and dead.