Angels and Hunters; Part II

Sorry about this being so late, guys. Threw this one together in my free time, so it's pretty unedited, without much movement. I hope to get some more actual movement in the next installment around Friday. This hunter, yes, he realized she had a name, but she would remain 'the hunter' in his mind until she … Continue reading Angels and Hunters; Part II

Angels and Hunters; Part I

So sorry about all the lateness! This is part one of a multi-part story (I'm not sure how many parts it'll have, though) that I'll be working on for my next couple posts. Feedback and criticism is much appreciated!    Amal stepped over the charred remains of the campfire, annoyed. She’d been hot on the trail of … Continue reading Angels and Hunters; Part I

The Door

Happy Halloween all! This one's pretty rushed, and really just the bare bones of a story. Reviews for pointers/comments/ideas for furthering the story are much appreciated! The air was stale, stiff, smelling of chemicals masking sickness and death, the way hospitals do. Doors, entrances, hung suspended in darkness, a void spanning as far as the … Continue reading The Door