Jon and the Meaning of Death

Jon and the Meaning of death is my comic strip. Obviously. Jon is a 30-something guy who wakes up to find himself dead. If you must know about who he was in life, he was an engineer for a vending machine company. But that doesn’t matter. He awakes to find a world where Death isn’t a single being, but a large group of Deaths assigned to needlessly specific and obscure causes. Humorous things happen, because that is the purpose of a comic strip. Drawn using Paint.NET, a mouse, a stylus (when I don’t have access to a mouse), and heavy use of ctrl-z.

Question/answer:1) why such a long name? – I couldn’t come up with a shorter one

2) Is Jon based on you or someone you know – If he was, it wouldn’t be anyone you know, so it doesn’t really matter.

4) three? – no.5) is there a list of Deaths somewhere – Nope.

6) Which toe is your favorite? – the opposable type.

(DISCLAIMER: this strip does not reflect my personal beliefs about an afterlife or the lack thereof. Nor is it meant to deride the beliefs of anyone. it is simply intended to be humorous.)

Jon and the Meaning of Death #1 

Jon and the Meaning of Death #2

Jon and the Meaning of Death #3 

Jon and the Meaning of Death #4