In A Single Star-Lit Moment of Astounding Clarity

Good morning dearest readers! Thought it might be nice to post again today, so here we have yet another exploration piece. I’m playing with style, so still getting a hold of the concept of free-form poetry, so bear with me, okay? 

Just a friendly reminder, that if you want to see something written on this blog, drop us a comment in the “Contact Us” page. Just wanted to let you guys know that if any of you have an amour you’re looking to impress this Valentine’s Day, I’d be glad to oblige to the best of my ability if any of you need some sappy poetry. 

Anyhow! Onward and upward! Please enjoy the post. 

It was another sleepless night-

I was left haunted by my dreams of you,

Watching the stars and praying for a break

In the never-ending, overwhelming break-neck pace

That I am steadily destroying myself.  


It has gotten to the point, dear one,

That I can look at you again – and smile.

That I can pass you in the hall – and smile.

But the moment you turn out of sight,

I let myself burn.


Fire. It consumes all we know,

All we hold dear, there is no escaping the flames,

As the wind howls and the earth itself fuels the conflagration,

Until the blaze it too much for anyone to bear

And we crumble and fall-

Ash and rubble.


What difference does it make at this point,

Whether I fight or flee the destruction that is looming

On some distant and cloudy horizon

That flashes with storms and the groans of drowned sailors,

For if there is no spark left within me,

What good will  a match do to rekindle my life?


The fire, it leaves hollow shells behind,

Because some of us were not meant to contain such a passion

That is burns in the most exquisite manner-

That it fills us with emotion, with love.

Some of us,

Drown in it.


It was yet another sleepless night,

And I was haunted by my dreams of you.

But I watched the cold, dead stars and found

That I envied their coldness; their frozen hearts-

For they never need a break from their destruction

As they glow in the velvet darkness of the night.

They’ve embraced their fate wholeheartedly-

And now,

So have I.  


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Hey! Kalsooni Allskye here, sometimes known as Cattydragon. To introduce myself ... I'm generally a very sarcastic person prone to sudden musings in the middle of dull conversations as well as that mad dash for some paper and pen when a sudden idea hits. I enjoy a great deal of music and reading, but I don't so much enjoy social outing. So there you go! A bit 'bout me.

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